The Truth
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2005-03-10 04:49:03 (UTC)


b4ByG1rL136: hey again
huskerpip: you stayed away long
huskerpip: lol
b4ByG1rL136: yea.. mom went to bed now
b4ByG1rL136: so... i think i'll stay up
huskerpip: ohh
huskerpip: lol
huskerpip: how was your day?
b4ByG1rL136: ummm it was okay
huskerpip: cool
b4ByG1rL136: i didn't go to scool yesturday
b4ByG1rL136: and I came home sick Monday
huskerpip: with what?
b4ByG1rL136: sore throat
huskerpip: panzy
huskerpip: lol
b4ByG1rL136: and i had a 99.9 fever
b4ByG1rL136: and a runny nose
b4ByG1rL136: when do u guys have spring break??
huskerpip: next week
huskerpip: you?
b4ByG1rL136: half day friday and then a week
huskerpip: cool
huskerpip: we can hang out
huskerpip: lol
huskerpip: nah....
b4ByG1rL136: bowling!!
huskerpip: you too good for me
huskerpip: lol
b4ByG1rL136: roller skating?
huskerpip: anything as long as its with you
huskerpip: lol
huskerpip: ohhh man im slick
huskerpip: lol
b4ByG1rL136: no all guys do tht
b4ByG1rL136: well... not all
huskerpip: hey come on i go up then you shoot me down
huskerpip: lol
huskerpip: im better than most guys im not an ass
b4ByG1rL136: yea u r.. sometimes and no comment on tht
huskerpip: no i think you need to comment
huskerpip: i want to know
b4ByG1rL136: i wish it was like the old days.. the guys
use to open the car door for ya... or pay for dinner and a
movie and tht
huskerpip: i do that
huskerpip: lol
huskerpip: thats a standard for me
huskerpip: lol
b4ByG1rL136: i'm to young to understand to know wht love is
b4ByG1rL136: i've been used when i thought i was in love..
just puppy love, parents and sister were right
huskerpip: i didnt say i know what love is
b4ByG1rL136: now i lost my virginity and i can't take tht
huskerpip: were you even going out with him?
b4ByG1rL136: turht
b4ByG1rL136: truth*
b4ByG1rL136: no
huskerpip: thats what i thought
b4ByG1rL136: i'm a bad girl phill
huskerpip: we all make mistakes tho
b4ByG1rL136: tht wasn't a mistake .. tht was more then a
b4ByG1rL136: here comes a story
huskerpip: it doesnt make you a bad person
b4ByG1rL136: listen
huskerpip: ok i will
b4ByG1rL136: okay i've met 2 ppl from the internet.... i
met both of them.. they seemed to b nice guys... i lost my
virginity to Chris.. who was from North Omaha and lives on
25th and Read and was 17.... i drove down there to meet
him and i guess one thing led to another.... then Joe was
the other guy i met he just turn 18... we dated for 2
months and i had sex with him too.. but he was small lol..
huskerpip: lol
b4ByG1rL136: neways... my Best friend/Ex boyfriend RJ...
have done it too.. so tht makes 3 guys i have fucked for
no reason.. only for their pleasure and yea my imy
pleasure too but i've been used
b4ByG1rL136: and now i feel like shit
b4ByG1rL136: i won't b able to get my life back on track..
i haven't had a b/f for 5 months witch is like a record
for me
b4ByG1rL136: well
b4ByG1rL136: not really
huskerpip: i understand
b4ByG1rL136: how? u haven't done it
b4ByG1rL136: i mean ur not me.. u don't know how i feel
b4ByG1rL136: not trying to say in a mean way
b4ByG1rL136: but neways
b4ByG1rL136: inlike 20 years.. i'll b telling my parents
wht i did
huskerpip: lol
b4ByG1rL136: yea it will b funny to me.. but my parents
will b sooo mad
b4ByG1rL136: so my worst year was when i was 16
b4ByG1rL136: im tryin to make better choices
b4ByG1rL136: but.. now i have another problem
huskerpip: which is?
b4ByG1rL136: well in Counsil Bluffs.. a guy named Derek..
i met from Chris.. likes me?? he's 15 and yea i know it's
stupid he's a smoker too and i hate smokers.. but he would
fight for me if anyone tried to take me
b4ByG1rL136: i know his future and it's not good
b4ByG1rL136: u know wht?
huskerpip: what?
b4ByG1rL136: my mom says i should always marry a rich
guy.. but money isn't goin to make me happy.. love is...
and tht's y i've been goin to all of these downtown guys
b4ByG1rL136: rj lives on 42 and J.. chris is Norht omaha
on 25th... Derek live on madison st. which i like 4th st.
b4ByG1rL136: but joe was the only one tht was rich
b4ByG1rL136: but he was 6'4
b4ByG1rL136: to tall
b4ByG1rL136: lol
b4ByG1rL136: and ppl say i pick the ugly guys.. well they
are the nice ones
b4ByG1rL136: the pretty ones tht think they're all tht
b4ByG1rL136: i don't like at all
huskerpip: looks isnt what matters
b4ByG1rL136: i know
b4ByG1rL136: but i don't know wht to look for in a guy
besides personality
b4ByG1rL136: wow he makes me laugh, so i love him?? no
huskerpip: you need some kind of physical attraction
b4ByG1rL136: another thing.. my favorite thing to do with
a guy is JUST CUDDLE.. but then guys think i'm prude and
then it just gets out of hand
b4ByG1rL136: or HOLD HANDS
b4ByG1rL136: my gosh do we have get a HOME RUN??
b4ByG1rL136: or 3rd or 2nd?
huskerpip: thats what it is nowadays tho
huskerpip: the old days were the best
b4ByG1rL136: :- this sucks
b4ByG1rL136: seriously
huskerpip: you already know this but if you need anything
im here
b4ByG1rL136: yea i know.. and thanx for listening.. but i
just feel lost
b4ByG1rL136: i don't know wht to do... i want someone but
i don't need them
b4ByG1rL136: u know?
huskerpip: yeah
b4ByG1rL136: i mean i bet ur used to bing single neways
b4ByG1rL136: i'm not tho
b4ByG1rL136: so it's hard
b4ByG1rL136: just think phill.. u can do anything u
please.. u even flirt
b4ByG1rL136: but if u had a g/f tht would all go away
huskerpip: yeah single is nice at times but there are time
when i wish i had some
b4ByG1rL136: but u know this derek guy talked to my dad on
the phone
b4ByG1rL136: and now my dad wants to meet derek.. but he
really does look older then 15 and he's done some bad
b4ByG1rL136: and he does look like a wigger
b4ByG1rL136: and talks like one too
b4ByG1rL136: lol
huskerpip: lol
huskerpip: your dad is going to kill him
huskerpip: lol
b4ByG1rL136: i know.. but then again he dresses preppy
when he meets someones parents
huskerpip: haha
huskerpip: im gunna go tho so ill ttyl britt
b4ByG1rL136: alrighty
b4ByG1rL136: latez
b4ByG1rL136: thanxs for listening again
huskerpip: ill talk to you tomorrow
b4ByG1rL136: kk
huskerpip: listening is great
huskerpip: makes people feel good and it takes no effort
b4ByG1rL136: yea when the story is interesting
huskerpip: and im good at listening
b4ByG1rL136: lol so am i
huskerpip: no it really doesnt matter
huskerpip: ight im going
huskerpip: bye babe
b4ByG1rL136: kk
b4ByG1rL136: bybye

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