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2005-03-10 04:24:19 (UTC)

The beginning...

I have never been good at keeping up with this but here is
where it starts...

Who am I? Well, that's not so important as what I hope to
become and where I hope to be. Have you ever found
yourself in a rut and wondered why it was so easy for
everyone else but for you, life seems to be just out of
reach. Why can't I get it right? Well, it starts now...

I am no longer going to feel sorry for myself and moan and
groan about what I could have accomplished...instead, I'm
going to do and be thankful for what I have accomplished
while always setting goals for what I can accomplish. So,
how does that begin? Well, let's start out with a list of

1) to have financial stability
2) to lose weight
3) to write and record a song
4) to find a good relationship and learn to be content if
I am not meant to be in one
5) to be a source of joy to those around me

Well, in words, these seem simple but I've been saying I
was going to do this for the past couple of years and I am
no farther along then when I first started thinking about
them. Here is where that all changes...

Firstly, financial stability, is always easier said then
done. What is that going to take? It will take a
determination to come up with a plan and to stick to it.
So that is where I will start. A plan. Well, that sounds
easy...but if it's so easy then why have I not been able
to do it? Aargh! Ha ha! Okay...no moaning and
groaning...let's begin...