My Silent Legacy
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2005-03-10 03:57:58 (UTC)

A j-o-b

Well lets see we were on 2-hour delay so i
went to the hospital and stayed until school
started...went to school nothing really exciting happened
cept my friend tiffany told me she was bi lol...after
school went back to the hospital then to my
grandmas...when i got there my uncle asked me to go get
some soda fer my grandma and so i did...on my way to the
store i called the manager at wendys to schedule an
appointment..she asked me to come in at 5:30! it was
already 4:30 so i rush the soda back then rush home to
change and head to wendys were i was only there 10mins and
got the job..i go tommro fer orientation...i really dont
wanna work to tell the truth but i guess i will lol some
nights i will have to work until like 1a.m its gonna suck
lol Dana also is working there so that is good...So after
all of that i went back to the hospital and snuggled baby
daniel lol he is soo cute
That is pretty much my day.....hopefuly a good one tommro!
daniel comes home tommro!!