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2005-03-10 03:53:31 (UTC)

we're pissed, we're drunk, we're hooligans!!!

so it appears that i will be leaving march 22nd for boot
camp, so my party will be march 19th at the american
legion in ovid NY at 5 pm. so i had to work tonight, the
card ladies were in full effect i love those old ladies
there so damn funny. so i was thinking late last night
that i have over 120 people on my AIM buddy list and i
talk to maybe 5 of them if that. why do i even bother
keeping peoples names that i don't even like or talk too,
i don't know. next week will be my last week of freedom
so i'm going to have to make it a good one, get all my
craziness out i guess. i can't wait to get the bootcamp
out of the way just so i can say i did it and then off to
tech school for 72 days. then i'll be at my job. for all
who want to view what my job will be go to
and type in 1n5x1 in the search thing and you can view a
description. so today a friend of mine asked who this
laura girl was and i had a hard time explaining exactly
what and who laura is, i just tell everyone she's my lady
love, and we're parallel and enjoy hugs and kisses and
bedtime wishes, and then let them figure it out from
there. so i might get to see laura and kal on the 19th
and i might not we'll see, cause i'll prob. get pretty
wasted at my party and wont be able to get down to corning
but i really want to go out with them one last time so
we'll see. so i'm watching basketball and eating my late
dinner, bored as usual, i gotta work tom. night then took
friday off to go hang out with mark and go to what will be
my last concert for a while. i talked to zach today he's
most likely coming to my party so it will be fun, new and
old friends together for the first and last time. devin
says since this is one of our last times together we're
going to have to make st pattys day a day to rememeber i
can't fucking wait its going to be a blast, i hope i see
alot of people out and about. but we'll see. i got this
really funny movielife song stuck in my head i wish you
could all hear it, the jist of it is this guy hates a girl
now and the last line is i hope you die soon and its like
20 seconds long and i just love it. dl if you
friend murray the kid is the new guitar player for
murphy's law which is fucking awesome. i wish i could see
them when they come to rochester but i'll be gone but i'll
see them again sometime.
so with hugs and kisses, and bedtime wishes
i'm out like a fat kid in dodge ball

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