The Revelations of Me
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2005-03-10 02:12:05 (UTC)

Bunny #1

sara_loves_you_more: Bunny...there is someting I need to
tell you that is really important. First off...I want to
tell you that I am sorry for not returning any of your
calls. I was listening to the phone ring half of the times
when you called. I guess I didnt answer bercause lately I
have been dealing with a lot and I just wasnt up to talking
to anyone. I havent talked to any of my friends lately. You
might get mad at me becuse of it and you have a right to. I
just want you to know that I like you and probably always make me so happy sometimes...I mean...I listen
to the messages you left and I smile...I dont know why I
just do. You just make me feel a way that no one else can
make me feel. I'm just sorry for being such a bitch to you
all of the time. ~Sara~

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