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2005-03-10 01:19:06 (UTC)

Disney is...

for lovers, families and falacy lovers alike.

I did accomplish a few things down there. That being, going
on every single rollercoaster in MGM, Universal Studios and
Busche Gardens, going upside down, backwards and all,
without throwing up once, and visiting Disney World for the
1st time in my life, after crying and begging my parents to
take me since I was 10. They never took me. It was probably
the best thing they could have ever done.

It was rough coming back, weather-wise of course.

I learned a few things about Disney: it is fake, kind of
boring as an adult, horribly overpriced and after sticking
up my middle finger during "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,"
very conservative. It is a fantasy world, which sadly to
say, by simply walking around the park, many people live.
They should remember, once you step outside your comfort
zone, that being diseny world, your vulnerable. Harsh
reality for a shit-load of people who think this is America.

While at MGM, I bought a pizza for 6 dollars. It was about
the size of my hand, tasted like shit and I'm almost certain
that it was frozen and then simply popped into the oven. Mr.
Disney rapes you, consent given of course, while his coffen
spins in a vault full of cash.

They say "Smile, Disney is the happiest place on Earth,"
tucked far, far away from third world horrors, where
children dance along tins and barrels of white collar
criminal American corporation toxic waste, sold to these
countries for 13 bucks. You can almost buy two whole pizzas
with that!!!

But, I can't lie, I had a wonderful time. I enjoyed the
warm weather and sun, I enjoyed the beautiful women that
were every where and I enjoyed spending time with my
friends. I do miss the weather.

I have no money now.

A highlight of the trip: I picked up the new MARS VOLTA cd,
FRANCIS THE MUTE and with only using one word to describe
it, I would say, amazing. Please go pick it up.

I guess its good to be home, sort of.



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