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2005-03-10 00:37:48 (UTC)

my life

i dont know what to think of my life. at one time i felt
alone. unloved. belittled. stupid. dependant. i dont know
what i am now, but i do know that alot has changed in the
last few months. i owe this to my aunt and uncle.my mother.
my memaw. my boyfriend. but most of all i believe that this
belongs to my will to get up and stand for what i had to
realize was right. i am not a perfect person my friend, but
then again...neither are you. no one can judge me. not you.
not them and not even myself.there is only one perfect
person and there is only one person who could ever judge
me. my only regret so far in life is waiting until i was 17
years old to realize this. but u know what...thats okay
beause the lord god forgives...and i am forgiven.
amber lea willlems