Autum's Leaves
2005-03-10 00:21:22 (UTC)

Step in the Right Direction

So, what was today really? It was annoying, tedious, so
much fun, aggravating and absolutley fabulous. I took on
deamons and Sophomore's at the same time, watched another
disc of my favorite show ever and did it all by myself.

I was just finishing my Sex in The City episodes and
after a call to my movie buddy, I called Pete. I didn't
know if he would answer, but the familiar butterflies
found their way into my stomach as always. He answered. We
talked. We talked in "our way" of talking. Him not really
wanting to talk, but him really pretending not to want to
talk. Me trying to get him to talk, but then realizing he
won't let me off the phone. I guess I came to some
realizations, even though I'm not ready to see another
girl in his arms, I'm over him. I'm not attracted to him,
that spell that was cast over me everytime I saw him, that
weakness in my knees, that lack of control over my
emotions, it's gone. So, maybe it didn't take
Cosmopolitan's and Scotch to make us friends, and maybe
we're not really friends yet, but we're taking a step in
the right direction.