lost thoughts
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2005-03-09 23:32:36 (UTC)

another day, another time

ok..... today was umm..........kind of wierd actually. im
in some kind of extremely tired mood but im really happy. i
just dont know why. yeah, ok im really worried about
maggie. shes seemed really down lately. its like she hates
the world. (ok now i understand why she worried about me.)
but for real, maggies one of the only people who kind of
understands me. that sounds stupid in ways. but yeah,
someone wrote some shit in a god forsaken note and wrote it
in runes and signed her name. thats wrong. but she doesnt
really understand how many people actually are her friend.
shes just scaring me. anyway though...... i am actually
going to church. i dont know why but i am. im scaring
myself now. yeah i know someone gave someone my diary name
and the website. but i really couldnt give a crap if that
person did. its my own fault. but then again i cant say
much. he didnt read it. i kind of wish he had in one way.
but the other half screams hala luja. i can not spell for
shit. lol. it doesnt bother me that the gave that person my
diary name as much as how i feel about it. im still
divided. but hey, life moves on. actually im not mad or
upset someone gave it to him. my diarys public right? so i
really doesnt matter. anyway, i wanted to get that off my
back. yeah, it was funny when i forgot to tell amanda not
to open her note in the band hall. instead she did. i had
filled it with shreaded paper. opps! it was funnying. but
yeah, i still dont know how to feel bout janie and the
twins. i need other opinions here! yeah, i am looking
forward to that coffee house at the maggies church on
friday. it sounds like fun. ok im makin my own choices now.
im tired of people telling me im not myself! its kind of
annoying. yes! i changed. big woop. im sorry i was cleaning
my room and looking at some of the clothes i wore. OH HELL.
they looked retarded. literally. anyway.... yeah, smile
youve got frenchs! i g2g go. see yas!


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