Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2005-03-09 21:28:55 (UTC)

pain. **song**

I’m trying my hardest to live my life
I’m hanging on with this antique knife
There’s nothing better than a dull sensation
That’s what the doc said at my examination
Slicing through my body like a butter knife
All I could say is that it’s gonna be alright
Knowing that it’s not what it seems to be
Why can’t people just see right through me?
Because everyone says that I’m in trouble now
That I always end up the same way somehow
Making a faint territory line
That’s how I make my special design
Cuz I always seem to fall right through the crack
And it always seems like I land on my back
So I guess I just have to face the facts
That I will never have my normal life back
Cuz everyone says that I’m no good
Cuz everyone says that I’m just a fake
And everyone thinks I’m just insane
But no one knows what mistake I had to take
So now who’s real and how do you feel?
Like there’s nothing left inside me to kill
Cuz I know who’s fake and I know who’s real
So you better take some time to heal!
My tourniquet. Please stop the pain.
Animosity. I’ll let it reign.
Omnipotent. The mighty one.
Malevolence for everyone.

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