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2005-03-09 21:06:43 (UTC)


ARG!! Mrs. Miller just made me so mad! ok, i'm one of the
leads in the school play, and i just got this new job at
IGA. Well the play practices don't start until 7 because
of the athlete's, so that they can go home and eat or
whatever. Well i'm not going to ask off of work to sit on
my ass until 7! the Deli closes at 7 so i'm only going to
be like 1/2 hr late. FUCK she could just start practice
1/2 hour later, if she's going to cater to the athletes'
why not those of us that have always been involved in
speech. GOD I'M PISSED!! she yelled at me and said that
she can't work around indiv, events. She's only working
around the athletes schedule b/c there's so many of them,
well kiss my ASS!

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