the Soap Opera
2005-03-09 20:43:06 (UTC)

wot a Snore Fest

as u mite tell it was quite the borin' day, no skool so
jus watchin tv in the mornin', my dad decided he wanted to
watch a film. so we watched Dads Army the Movie, u cant
beat a bit of dads army, then i was bored so i sorted out
me wrestlin' videos n me cd's. which actualy took quite a
hadto go a work which was long and borin, had a mcdonalds,
now im here now typin this. probly stay up to watch the
osbournes & Viva La Bam which is always gd for a laff.

cya later alligator
Joe Mac

DVD - Dads Army the Movie
CD - 50 Cent ~ the Massacre