I'll Be Loving You

I'll be ur cryin sholder
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2005-03-09 20:26:31 (UTC)

im losin my voice....

yeap i woke up this morning and i couldent talk and now
its all alienish sounding and my throat hurts woo-hoo yea
it sucks and i gotta see aaron tonight at church this
should be interesting....gosh i like him so bad its killin
me i want to go out with him like sunday when he sat by me
it was the best thing ever i never thought i would ever be
obsessed over a guy but truefully if i had a chance to
pick a million dollers or have aaron for the rest of my
life i would choose aaron just think he would make some
good lookin kids lmfao!
Daniel isent ridin the bus anymore so now i hate ridin
cause daniels like awsome its like pointless to ride
unless hes on geez hes hott!
I cant wait for the youth to go bowling cause i mean im
gonna beat aaron so bad i dont no about lindsey from the
way she talks shes pretty good!
welp ya all im gonna go pease love and c-ya

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