Mind of Mayhem
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2005-03-09 17:16:02 (UTC)

Life seems normal but is it?

Today i went to Makro with a friend. Bought loads of
things i didn't need like you do. I fell over in the
shower last night and have a massive bruise on my left leg
from my knee to my but cheak. It really hurt but nothing
is broken. I scared Alexa when i screamed though!
Couldn't sleep very well last night. My mind is too active
at night. Find it hard to settle. My family told me to
empty my mind and think of nothing but i find that too
difficult. I stopped drinking caffine after 6pm to see if
that helped and it did for a week or so but now i'm back
to normal. I used to take anti-psychotics which knocked me
out but since i came of them, sleeping has been poor. I
have a mental illness but everything seems to be o.k at
the moment. I get very depressed and my mood swings are
horrible. I also have post traumatic stress disorder but
thats one thing i don't feel i'd talk about in here as
it's too personnal.
Well thats me for today. It's nearly 5.30 and chris will
be home from work in a bit. I'll probably be in again
tomorrow as i've got alot of past to catch up on. In 4
years alot has happened. TTFN (tata for now)

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