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2005-03-09 16:41:32 (UTC)


in school will up date later

"You don't need a trapalellogram!" brian-me in C

ok its later... and nothing happened today. and amanda i
wanna go with you to the semi but i was just being stupid
when i wrote that stuff cause it was around 1am when i
wrote it and i was tired and i was trying to get a laugh
from someone. are you really gonna take something i said
seriously? nobody EVER takes anything i say seriously.
you've gotta follow the crowd. lol.

"I'f i'm right i'll prove i'm right. If i'm wrong i'll
prove i'm right." someone.

random quote right in the middle. omg Kim said something
quotable but i can't remember what it was. i wrote it down
so i wouldn't forget but i forgot where i wrote it...
lame. i have 6 comments here!!!!!!!! 1 from Dana, 2 from
Kim, and 4 from amanda. i feel sooooo, actually i just
feel, thats it. lol. no idea what the hell i'm typing, it's
just a bumch or thoughts in my head. if i can't get to wawa
to get my coffee i'll just buy coffee icecream so i don't
have to go out when i want caffine. why is my shirt yellow?
i look bad in maroon. there is nothing on tv. i'm typing in
the dark. the screen is bright. wow this is a lot of
pointless shit i'm writing. Her shimmering red hair was
cascading over her shoulders as she ran along the
cobblestone path, desperately trying to outrun her
persuers, her footfalls echoing softly off the cold stone
walls. no idea where the hell that came from. just a random
sentence that popped into my head i guess. the last star
wars movie should be coming out soon! lol me katie and
danny are gonna have to see it together. Katie morris,
Danny morris and me, star wars fans since me and katie were
12 and danny was 10. can't wait. lol. Bethany Dunny where
the hell have you gone? haven't heard from you in like two
weeks! if you see this email me k? Maybe this year Galloway
will have a travling 16 yr old team? i hope so cause i
really wanna get a second chance at the state tournament.
well enough pointless writing for one night,

G. Lee

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