My Life, My Journal
2005-03-09 15:48:40 (UTC)

March 8, 2005

bad mood, don't know why...holding back a lot of cuss
words....parents are so stupid

My parents are mad at me for many reason right now. The
main one;however, isn't even my fault. We got our cell
phones bill the yesterday and the totle was about $112.00
royaly po'ed my mom starts fussing saying that we're
spending too much money on something she doesn't really
Me total time~ 263 day time minutes (out of 400)
129 night and weekend minutes (free)
2000 mobile to mobile minutes (again free)
Dad total time~ 26 day time minutes (out of 400)
51 night and weekend minutes (free)
10 mobile to mobile (free)
Mom total time~110 day time minutes (out of 400)
272 night and weekend minnutes (free)
15 mobile to mobile (free)
even though I had a really big mobile to mobile phone
thing, I wasn't charged a dime for it. I worked hard to
keep my day time minutes under 400 and shouldn't be
punished for using something to is free a lot....f this

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