My Life as a Bipolar
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2005-03-09 14:10:03 (UTC)

My sweet baby dog

Poohbly, who is a 2 year old chihuahua is my absolute best
friend on this planet. She doesnt care if shave my legs
or comb my hair. She is my foot warmer every nite She
gives and gives and gives and very want anything back but
a belly rub. I love her

Tera got off to school fine this morning. She has a math
test today that has got her worried. She will probably
end up with a b in math. A first for her. She is an

Managed to get one medical record yesterday. Baby steps.
I am so afraid of getting all this disability stuff

Yesterday I splurged and bought new stick down linoleum
for the kitchen. I put down a few square last nite and
they look great. The cover up all the burnt places where
the glass cassorole dish exploded years ago.

Still feeling extremely sleepy. Going to try to stay up

Dad's is still doing well. He will get his staples out
today or tomorrow.

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