Hollow Years
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2005-03-09 13:43:45 (UTC)

'I'm Okay'

' I'm Okay '

No more tears to cry for you
I don't want to feel this blue
So long and goodnight
I'm gonna make this right
You're not what i need
The truth i have seen
Maybe i'll love you forever
But i don't want you back ever
I don't need your love or your friendship
All that you said was a fucking fib
You broke my heart that i won't deny
But to say i still want you would be a lie
I don't want you to suffer
Just find someone and love her
Maybe i'm alone but i'm better of that way
Friends keep me going all through the day
Maybe you will forget me i won't forget you
But i'll always remember, what you put me through
If you're ever alone yeah im here
but only to rid you of your fear
Maybe i still care maybe i want you happy
just aslong as you do it without me
you made me cry you hurt me alot
maybe it was just part of your plot
But i mean this now i'm okay
I'm no longer part of your little play