My New Journey
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2005-03-09 13:39:48 (UTC)

Still On the Thrush-hole

Well yesterday, I had lunch with my good friend B.
Eventhough we eat buffet, which played havoc on my eatting
plans, meeting up with her was still something nice to do.
The food however wasn't that good. I called and had a
pleasant conversation with my space guy. But wasted some of
my time delling on freshguy. I returned my brother's call
but as always his paranoid and self-centered conversation
is always energy draining for me.

Planned Meal For 3/9/05

Meal One

Tuna salad

Meal Two

1 square low-carb Lasagna

Meal Three

Chef salad

Meal 4

Blacken flounder
scoop Cole Slaw


1 scoop ice cream

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