My Lost Life - I
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2005-03-09 06:00:57 (UTC)

My Valentine's Day

I know this may sound stupid, but I just have to say what
happened on my Valentine's Day. My first one with Tom, of
this year. This way, whenever I'm sad, and miss him most,
I can just read this. =)

Well, it was late at night and although my mom didn't want
me seeing Tom at all, I would still just see him. Late at
night, I would go over to his house and visit him.

So, I had been talking with him on yahoo for a couple hours
and he asked me to go visit him that night (February 15th
12:30-ish am). I wasn't sure if he was going to do
anything for me,or even what he would do for me,
considering it was our first Valentine's Day together.
When we were talking, he mentioned that he had a craving
for steak, and when he said that,I got this wicked craving
for it. Well, anyways, other than that point, I forgot
about him saying that, and I just got ready to leave, so
that I could see him that morning.

I left like I usually do, stuff my bed with pillows, etc,
go thru the window. Well,I walked thru the woods behind
our house. God, I was so scared, but I just kept thinking
about seeing him ad how I couldnt wait to, that helped to
keep me walking and not going back home. It was freezing
that night. I live in New Hampshire, so that night it had
been lightly snowing, like flurries or whatever they're
called. After awhile, it stopped snowing, because he lives
2.5 miles from where I live, it takes about a half hour to
walk there.

So, I carefully,quietly walked up to his house, trying as
best as I could to not wake up his neighbors, and when I
got to the door, he opened it, because he was already there
waiting for me. I was so cold and my hair was damp from
the light snow. He gave me a big hug and kissed me. I
told him he probably shouldn't because I was frozen all
over and he replied that it didn't matter because he loved
me so much. =)

I walked up the stairs and thru the dark hallway. We
usually just go to his room, but his sister wasn't home
that night, so we went there, because it was safer, and his
mom probably wouldnt go in there. She wouldnt have minded
anyways, cuz we're good friends too(his sister and me). I
took off my giant sweatshirt and sat on the bed after I
hugged and kissed him again. He was so sweet. He took off
my shoes for me and set my sweatshirt aside and everything.
3 : ) 3

After that, I had made him a special Mix CD of sum of our
songs and ones I knew he'd like, and I gave it to him. He
had sum music going on the computer, but he wanted to
listen to the cd I gave him, so he turned that off and put
it in. I was just sitting on the bed still, and I didnt
even notice that he had grabbed sum pillows and set them on
the floor, I only noticed at the 2nd pillow, maybe I was
too distracted cuz I couldnt wait to see him or sumthing.

He asked if I was going to sit down beside him. I was
wondering why he was asking this, cuz I didn't even realize
it. He had made this beautiful dinner for us, it was
asparagus, rice with shitaki mushrooms, steak, and wine. A
perfect candlelit dinner for two. I couldnt believe it,
cuz thats what I wanted to do for him, but he beat me to
it. We just think alike too much, but I love it, that's
our special connection. It makes things simplier too,
because we know what we're each thinking or going to say,
so if there's ever silence between us, its never an ackward
silence, for we're thinking the same things together, just
not saying them.

We ate there on the floor, on pillows. Our table was his
sisters trunk. It was just so....words cannot describe it,
it was ultimately beautiful. After dinner, we shared a
cigarette and we each accidently burned each other. Ouch.
But it wasnt that bad, I felt horrible though, but we both
ended up doing it to each other accidently.

We just got lost in time kissing each other after that.
The cats at their house kept getting in the way though.
(lol) =)

I'll be so sad when he leaves for jail. I miss him from
the moment I wake up, to the moment I close my eyes to
sleep. :( Always and forever, but we'll be happy sum day,
we won't have to worry about everything else bad thats
going on. I can't wait til then. =)

But, yea, that is how my Valentine's Day went. Time flew
by, for when we're together time stands still, it doesn't
matter what else is going on in the world. It's just us,
then and there, together. =)