kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
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2005-03-09 05:28:52 (UTC)

La La La

Life is good. Work is going well. The money is slowing coming in. Now I am
on a quest to find the perfect sweater. I saw it at some expensive store at the
mall. Now I need to find the poor person's version. I have a shirt that it will
go well with.

So maybe I'll see if I can find something similar at Target. There is one of
those on my way home from work.

Right now I'm trying to find CNN so I can watch Larry King Live. Now I know
you must be asking yourself why I would watch Larry King Live. The simple
answer is I'll watch almost anything with a Backstreet Boy on it.

Tonight Brian Littrell is going to talk about his heart condition and what he
has been through. So I am going to be glued to my set. I was going to tape
it but it conflicts with a show my Mother wants to tape. Looks like I will have
to find it online somewhere to download it.

I am now out of breath since Brian was just on my set. He is so handsome. I
know his wife is very lucky. Oh, and his son too!

Well, I'm going to continue watching the show. Bye!

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