Let's see how long this lasts
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2005-03-09 05:02:50 (UTC)


If anyone has some awesome put yourself to sleep
techniques, i would be very appreciative. I have
developed a terrible habit of not being able to sleep at
night. Its convenient when I need to study, but when I
need sleep, its awful. My mind just rushes around,
reliving memories, playing out terrible "what if"s cause I
can't allow the good ones lest I be dissappointed.
Anyway. I love spring, but I hate allergies. yuck.
Things are okay lately. I'm gaining emotional control of
myself by reason, this is not to say that I don't still
screw up. I wish I weren't sick. I dunno what else to
say. There's been a bunch of music today in my head.
I've been sleeping a lot in the daytime...collapsing is
more like it. I watched Calamity Jane today. I was cool
to find out that whit was a fan. :) pleasant suprise. yay
doris day.

Final thought: Once I had a secret love that lived within
the heart of me. All too soon my secret love became
impatient to be free. So I told a friendly star, the way
that dreamers often do, just how wonderful you are and why
I'm so in love with you. Now I shout it from the highest
hills, even told the golden daffodils. At last my hearts
an open door, and my secret love's no secret anymore.

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