Withered Rose

...Ashes, ashes, they all fall DOWN...
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2005-03-09 04:51:49 (UTC)

*Love Poem rev.

"Why I Love You"

I love...
The way your green eyes softly shimmer
The way you express yourself through music
The way your breathtaking smile melts my heart
No matter what you can make me smile
The way you let me touch your hair
I run my fingers through those hazelnut dreads you bare
The way you always let me take your chair
The way you give my hand a quick squeeze
The way you wrap your arm around me
when we're sitting quietly watching movies
And hold my other hand at the same time
Like I'm all yours and you're all mine
The way you place your hand gently on the small of my back
when I�m ahead of you walking through an entrance
The way you tuck a loose piece of hair behind my ear and how
your thumb brushes my cheek as you pull it away
The way you speak with your hands and sometimes even your feet
The way you smile when I bite my lip
The way you try to block me from any hits
The way you don�t always let me win
You know I want a fair game
And we�ll see who really deserves the victory dance

The way you lift your chin to say, "Come on, let's go"
The way you treat my friends as your very own
The way you respect when I feel the need to be alone
The way you call my name from across the room
The way you wet your lips after taking a drink
The way you rise as I leave my chair
The way you wait for me to finish doing my hair
The way you loosely comb your fingers through your own hair
Like you're checking if it's all still there

The way you walk with confidence
The way you keep your head up like a handsome prince
But you�re not cocky or even rich
The way you always look directly into my eyes
When I'm speaking to you in all seriousness
The way you keep a secret and never ruin the surprise
The way you never make me feel embarrassed when I cry
The way you cheer me up and dry my eyes
The way you bring me roses and ask me to be your Valentine
The way your head nods once when you say "Hey"
The way you whisper sweetly to me my name
The way you offer to come along when walking my dog
The way you lock your fingers around mine
When we're walking along
The way you never let go until we've reached my home and my
free hand's touching the door

The way you wait till I walk up the driveway
and open the door
when bringing me home
Before you drive away as you wave
The way you wait for me after school to give me a ride
The way you smile when you have something special to hide
The way you laugh and even the way you frown
Because I love to comfort you
like you've done for me all year round
The way you held me when I lost my friend
The way you bend down to lend me a hand
The way you make time to listen and be a good friend
The way you never forget to introduce me
The way you kiss me on the hand
The way you know my favorites and never have to ask
The way you scrunch your eyebrows
when you're reading a book or writing a hook
The way you wrap your arm around the back of
your neck and rub it
when you're stressed
The way you never get too angry when you become upset
The way you ask me to dance (reluctantly)
The way you dip me back when the dance is slow
The way you hug me tightly like you�re wishing to not let go
The way you return my calls and wait till I reach the phone
The way you act like that's not it
There's always more.

[the end]


This is MY final version, the last version is suggestions
from my poetry teacher....it's shorter.

-* Like a fantasy really. The perfect guy. Perfection in his
imperfection. That's what I always say [well, think].
Perfect enough to be considered perfect. Perfect to just
you. Things like that.
"Nobody's perfect" but some are just perfect enough. *-