desperate housewife
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2005-03-09 04:27:51 (UTC)

questionable character

I went out to dinner Saturday night with two of my closest
friends. When I say close, I mean that we have been
friends for more than twenty years...we met in elementary
school. I love and respect both of these girls very
much. They have been there to comfort me through the
worst times in my life. Okay, that being said, this is
what happened...We parked our car about half a block from
the restaurant. The three of us were walking together and
talking when a man approached us. He said something that
I did not hear, so I stopped and said, "I am sorry sir, I
didn't hear what you said." (My friends continued walking
and did not look back.)The man replied, "Mam, I just asked
if you could spare some change." This man was obviously a
street person. I told him that I didn't have any small
bills but he was welcome to whatever change I could dig
out of my purse which ended up being only 85 cents. I
felt terrible that I couldn't at least give him a couple
of dollars. So I told him that if he was still outside
when I came back out of the restaurant I would give him a
couple of bucks. The man told me how much he appreciated
the change and said he hoped God would bless me. I looked
around for my friends but they had gone on to the
restaurant. No big deal. I walk in the front door to
find one of my friends waiting for me. Immediately she
said, "What were you doing?!?!?" So I told her that the
man had asked for some money so I stopped to give it to
him. "Why would you do that?!?!? You know what he will do
with it!!" I just replied that I did not know nor did I
care what he would do with it. She said "I can't believe
that you just gave him money. You should have told him to
get a job." By this point I was PISSED. So I said, "You
saw him...would you have hired him?" Well, that shut her
up because she knew damn good and well that she wouldn't
hire him. All through dinner I couldn't help but think I
didn't know these two girls at all. I mean, I did not
judge them for not helping this man that was obviously in
need, how dare they attack me for giving the guy my pocket
change?! The more I think about it, the more it bothers
me. We were all three going to enjoy a very nice dinner
and neither of them cared if a fellow human being was
starving on the street. Honestly, I think what bothered
me the most, was that neither of them even acknowledged
that this man had even spoken to them. They looked right
past him, kept on walking, didn't even slow down for God's
sake. It was like he was ivisible...less than human. I
just wanted to scream that being poor was not a
communicable disease. (Did I mention that they are both
republicans??? Enough said, right?) Anyway, I have now
decided that this is my new measure of personal
character. In my book, if you can't spare the time or
money to help the most needy among us, then you don't have
very much character.

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