It will get better
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2005-03-09 03:47:39 (UTC)


This morning was great. I took a short nap when i got home
from work. When i woke up I called her and told her to
come over. She told me she was busy cleaning her moms
house. I took a shower and went out to breakfast. I ended
up meeting her somewhere and we got a bite to eat. She had
to go into Safeway to get something. When she came back,
walked into the door memories hit me. All i could do is
smile. I thought about her walking back over to me giving
me a hug and a kiss. I miss those days so much. When we
left i gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She told me
we could do something later tonight. Well its almost 8pm
and i havn't heard from her. I actually thought she was
telling me the truth.