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2005-03-09 03:15:00 (UTC)

i wanna fight again, i wanna scream loud and proud

so i don't really have much to say in here tonight, i did
my usual today. i had to cut my jog down cause it was so
cold and windy. i hate this unpredictable weather of
late. but oh well what can you do. so i was talking to
laura tonight and she was saying about her high school and
what not and i'm glad i went to high school with who i
did. i don't know if her and i would have gotten along if
we had met in highschool and i'm glad we met when we did
and how we did. even though were parallel on many things
there is certain things that we are polar opposites but i
think it adds something to the chemistry we have. for
instance we have different taste in music, different
political views, shes rich, i'm white trash poor, i like
tight pants she doesn't,but we also agree on things, we
both like beer, we both like to wear makeup, we're both
vain in some right, we both hate people. so through it all
i think its good to have differences with someone it makes
things more intersting, and keeps both of us on our feet.

well with hugs and kisses and bedtime wishes i'm outta here
the first time i ever kissed laura this song came to mind
maybe im a dreamer
cause your type dont dig my type
im a lover with a blank
only if you knew
grenade in heart with the pins pulled
about to explode
love in the rocks cardiac shock
im turning blue

drunken angel
you aint ever goin to heaven
drunken angel
you aint ever goin to heaven
drunken angel
you aint ever goin to heaven
drunken angel
you aint ever goin to heaven

a natural beauty
and an early morining cutie
postmark my love
the thought of your lips
the thought of your kiss
seem so far away
a sleepless night to hold yea
i wish i never told you
how i feel about you

the bopper wrote this about a girl in high school that
seemed to be too good for him and now he's with her so who

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