Thoughts of a depressed girl
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2005-03-09 02:45:33 (UTC)


Today 3/7/05.
On this day of March the seventh of the year two-thousand
and five at approx. eight o'clock at night I have deciced
to throw my life away to the gutters and commit to one
thing. That one thing is the thing most people tell you is
selfish, bad, a sin if you may, some people say it is a
permanent solution to a temporary problem. But this problem
is not temporary... oh no it is far from that. Would you
like to know what this 'one thing' is? If you havnt already
guessed it, it is euthanasia upon ones self. Also known as
Sucicide. As I commit to euthanasia I will not call it
suicide because suicide has mercy. I will Not have mercy on
myself. No one else ever pur mercy on me when I asked for
it so I'm going to do the same. I always wondered what the
afterlife would be like. Now, I get to see it. This will be
my final sleep,my enternal rest,the silencing of the famous
Kasie Kay Michelle. How, when, what time and where will be
discussed later...