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2005-03-09 02:39:03 (UTC)

why do you have to tell me one thing and sound like you mean it but you really dont

why do friends have to tell you one thing to your face but
then go behind your back and say something completelly
different like to your face they say you are a really good
friend and then behind your back they say that your
annoying and you act like your 12 or they tell you that you
are there best friend and then thay turn around and tell
some one the same exact thing every time i see your face i
dont know if i should trust what comes out of your mouth or
just say to myself that your jsut putting on an act so you
dont hurt my feelings wich is actually hurting me more
because i find out what you say and you dont know that i
know what you say about me i tink people really need to
think about what there saying about someone else if that
person has a good chance of finding out about it so right
know what i have to say to my friend that stabed me in the
back is if all your going to do is weigh me down and lie to
my face then please understand how i feel and tell me the
truth and i knoow thats mean thing to say but if you read
it please just understand that you have hurt me so bad and
it is so hard for me to look into your eyes and listen to
what you say and for me to actually believe whats coming
out your mouth and what your saying to my face

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