Usman's visit to England
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2005-03-09 01:57:53 (UTC)

2. An eventful

Its Thursday now, the third day of trip, and Ferjad has
planned a trip to Central London to show me the life!! After
breakfast, we were to go somewhere and then pick a friend of
his, Yogesh, who was to accompany us.

He looked a lively guy of 17, over-confident and rather
pretending to be much smarter than anyone else around.
Certainly, it was not his fault. This is the state of
affairs when you are 17. I remember when I was of that age,
there were many shortcomings in my self as well. He had his
roots in Gujrat, India and told me about his relative who
died two years back in the earthquake back home. I listened
to him with quite an interest, as one would hardly have a
chance to talk to someone from India in Pakistan.

Plan was to go on tube train as its difficult to drive in
rush. Tube train is a blessing for Londoners, as it carries
millions (if I am not wrong) of people each day. London
Transport has always been impressive, with tube trains and
double decker buses. In a city of London's size, such things
become a necessity.

It took us around 45 minutes to reach Piccadily Circus. This
place is in Central London, and buzzing with life. You see
people from all over the globe. Its an experience, no doubt.
This was my first visit to a commercial center in London.
Previously, I had just seen residential areas. Ferjad told
me that we are going to Trocadero, which is an entertainment
center in the heart of London. Very different to what you
see in Pakistan. He told me that this is one of the most
expensive places in the world.

There are a few things which one can't control. And
something happened on which we didn't have any control. Our
trip was spoiled just in 40 minutes, after we had reached
Piccadily, someone nicked Yogesh's fone. That way, I got a
chance to visit police station in UK. Very different
experience to when you visit one in Pakistan. If someone
expects me to differentiate between police stations in
Pakistan and UK, I would say that in UK the attitude is more
of public service than just 'duty', whereas in Pakistan, its
more of just 'duty'.

It was very tiresome going here and there for his mobile
fone, because he wanted to buy a new one. I don't know why
he wanted to get it just then. At the end, when he was about
to get it, he came to know about him being under-age. boring
.. isnt it?

It was getting late, so we had to return ...

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