My Life as a Bipolar
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2005-03-09 01:43:37 (UTC)

me and my big bad self

I have coveted Dad's vicodin every since his surgery. So
today, I up and go to the ER saying I have wrenched my back
(A LIe) They gave me Demerol, Phenergan, and Ativan in a
shot. Then I get scripts for Vicodin(yeah!) and
Flexeril. I am such a user. This sucks, I had been clean
off the Demerol for 2 years, and one year off the
Vicodin. I need a swift kick in the ass.

On a better note, today I bought stick on flooring for the
kitchen to cover the ugly burned marks. I think it will
look really good. Tera's excited.

Tera went to the kindergarten play with Trish and Joel and
had a grand old time. She is so easy to entertain.

She is hurrying me right now to do math homework so off I

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