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2005-03-09 00:54:31 (UTC)

PROFILE (and a half)

1. Your Full name: Lainie Elizabeth Pea
2. Do you feel like your name fits you? My first name is
weird and unsusual, like my physical self. My middle name
is plan and boring, like my personality...so, yes. I do
feel as though my name fits me.
3. Do you have an alter ego? Sure I do.
4. Where were you born? Maine
5. Where do you live? Maine
6. Do you like to travel? I don't mind traveling as long
as I don't have to live out of my bags.
7. What is your birthday? June 15th, 1981
8. Do you have siblings? Yup. I have a 30 year-old half
sister, Christy, from my father's first marrage. I have a
30 year-old half brother, Michael, from my mother's first
marrage. Then my father met a woman and had my 14 year-old
twin sisters, Sarah and Kayla.
9. Do you have pets? I have a red mutt. She's going to be
11 in April. Her name is Mia Beth. I also have a French
Standard Poodle who is going to be four in April. His name
is Henry Benson Longfellow.
10. Which was the happiest year of your life? Can't
11. How old do you wish you were? 75 so I could look back
at my life and relax.
12. A movie is being made about your life. Who would you
cast to play yourself? Renee Zelwigger. She is such a
great actress and she could do my singing in the shower
13. Who would you cast to play your significant other?
Jude Law. I love him.
14. How would this movie end? Happily ever after.
15. Is it better to be famous or infamous? Both have their
advantages. Famous- you can get all the designer clothes
you want and you can get most any body to most anything
you want them to do. Infamous- you have privacy and more
freedom. 16. You're going to die a natural death. What is
the cause? An anusism or blood clot.
17. You're going to die a sudden, tragic death. What is
the cause? Something heroic and dramtic.
18. How long do you plan on living? Too long.
19. What was the last song you got stuck in your head? The
Electirc Slide
20. Sing any commercial jingle. A dollop.. a dollop with
21. What is your favourite element on the periodic table?
22. Sunrise or sunset? I see more sunsets.
23. Introvert or extrovert? Introvert.
24. Creation or evolution? In order to have evolution,
you need creation.
25. Dogs or cats? Kitties!
26. Unity or individuality? Individuality
27. Hugs or drugs? Hugs.
28. Animal, vegetable, or mineral? Animal.
29. Popsicle, creamcicle, or fudgecicle? Fudgecicle, minus
the stain around the mouth and on the clothes.
30. Fight or flight? Flight
31. Who is your favourite historical figure? Elvis
32. Which historical figure could we have done without?
33. What happened in the last dream you remember? Last
night I dreamed I could sleep in...then 4 am came around
and I was rudly awakened by my alarm clock!
34. Do nice guys really finish last? Sadly.. yes...
35. What are your favourite boy names? Benjamen Daniel,
Ryan Christopher, Gaven Alexander, and Fenten Seth
36. What are your favourite girl names? Abigail Hope,
Katherine Rose, and Reece Madison
37. Open or closed? Is it cold outside?
38. White bread or wheat bread? White bread makes the best
PB&J sandwhich!
39. Is it better to burn out than to fade away? Fade away.
If you fade away you fade with a better body, mind, and
well being, as well as a better reputaion than if you
burnt out.
40. You put a quarter into a toy machine. What comes out?
Nothing. Those damn things are a rip off!
41.What do you want to be when you grow up? I am what I
want to be. I'm a co-teacher in a multi aged classroom of
first and second graders.
42. What were your favourite childhood toys? My doll house
and barbies.
43. What was your first pet? The first pet I ever had I
earned with a report card of all A's and B's. It was a cat
I named Baby Kitty. He died about two months after I had
him. He died of cat leukemia.
44. What annoys you? Long fingernails, lying, slow
45. What is your favourite action caption from the old
batman tv show? POW!
46. How many licks does it take to get to the centre of a
tootsie pop? I actually had a kid tell me that he got all
the way up to 1089 and finally got to the gum part of the
47. The glass... half empty or half full? I hate this
48. Tightie whities, breifs, or boxers? Boxers. Leaves
more to the imagination
49. McDonalds or Burger Kind? Burger King. I love their
french fries.
50. Reality shows. Have gotten way too out of control!
51. Gummi bears or gummi worms? Gummi worms are fun to
suck into your mouth!
52.Would you rather sky dive or deep sea dive? The deep
ocean scares me a lot. So sky diving.
53. Paper or plastic? Plastic.
54. What position do you sleep in? Half turned with my
hands under my head.
55. Do you sleep on the left, right, or the middle of the
bed? I sleep on the side closest to the door.
56. Sweet or sour? Sweet, but not too sweet.
57. What was your favourite after school special? TV?
Anything on MTV. Clubs? Newspaper.
58.What is your favourite word? Poop. It's so funny to see
that word formed on people's lips.
59. Beach or mountains? I hate the mountains.
60. Mounds or almond joy? The ones without the almonds.
61. Do YOU feel like a nut? Always
62. To give or to recieve? I like both, but I like to give
over getting.
63. Chocolate or caramel? Caramel
64. Do you have any nicknames? Bobo, Miss. Pea, LainieBug,
65. What does your name mean? I've heard it's a type of
flower in Hawaii...and I've also heard it means 'sky'.
66. Have you ever fainted? Nope. I'm tough!
67.Have you ever had a crush on a school teacher? No, I
was always too practicle.
68.What was the last thing you ate? Spagetti Pie
69.Do you have any bad habits? Procrastination
70. Grey...Would be a cool name for a boy if it was
spelled Grae.
71. Human...mammal
72. Fruit loop...Yummy to munch on.
73. Glove...Warm
74. Plum...Nice sweater color
75. Structure...All kids need it.
76. Race...Fast
77. Heart...Burn
78. Parasite...Men
79. What was your first happy memory? Well...I don't know
if it's my first, but I loved when my Mom put me to bed.
She has a ski slope nose and I'd always "ski" down it.
80. What was your first unhappy memory? I have too many to
81. If you could visit any time period, what would it be?
Sometime in the 1800's.
82.What would jesus do? Right...
83. Make up a word and define it. Awkwarticity. "The
awakwarticity of the moment was felt by all"
84.Favourite kool aid flavour? Not a fan of kool-aid
85. Favourite pick up line? I like the one, "Did it
hurt?" "What?" "Your fall from heaven"
86. Who was the third gunman on the grassy knoll? Wasn't
there two?
87. What did you like to make believe as a child? Anything
that had to do with a man falling head-over-heals in love
with me and then having tons of babies.
88. Did you have an immaginary friend? Yes. I had Micky
and Minnie Mouse. They were the sizes of fleas. My father
told me that if he ever caught them, he'd flush them down
the toilet, so they had to be small enough to fit in my
89. Would you like to live in a castle or a mansion? A
90. Re-arrange some of the letters in your first, middle,
and last name to form a description of yourself. Lazie
91. Do it fast or do it right? Do it right...
92.What was the last book you read? The last book in the
Chronicles of Narnia series.
93. Have you ever had surgery? I had laser surgery to
remove some scars. It didn't work.
94. Random fact about you. I hate the color yellow. Pee,
it reminds me of pee.
95. What is the first thing you wash in the shower? My
hair. Who wants the days filth from your hair running down
your clean body??
96. What is your favourite cereal? Golden Grams.
97. If you could learn any foreign language, what would it
be? I would love to be able to read and speak Chinese.
98. If you had the choice to live forever, would you? No
99. If you had the choice to be the opposite sex for a
day, would you? HELL YES!
100. Fate? Coincidence
101. Ghosts? Yeah...
102. God? Don't know...
103. Big foot? I believe that Big Foot is reading the
Bible to the Lochness Monster as we speak...(all crap made
up because people were bored).
104. Soul mates? Don't now
105.Aliens? Wouldn't that be neat?
106.Angels? Yes
107. Loch ness monster? See above.
108. Heaven and hell? Heaven yes, hell is what you make
109. The Zodiac? Sometimes
110. Love at first sight? No
111. Karma? Eh?
112.Vampires? I went to HS with a boy who thought he
was...he went to juvie for a spell after he tried to suck
his girlfriends blood after cutting her neck with a
113. If you had any super power, what would it be? Elasta
Girl was pretty cool. Imagne what her sex life is like!
114. Would you use your power for good or evil? A little
of both.
115. Name something nostalgic. Football
116. What are your turn ons in the opposite sex?
Personality- goal oriented, responsible, funny. Physically-
mouth, hair, and height.
117. What are your turn offs in the opposite sex?
Personality- Rude, lyer, selfish. Physically- Too much
body hair, smelly, unkept.
118. What was the best compliment ever given to you? I'm
not telling.
119. Which character from Scooby Doo do you most relate
to? I hate Scooby Doo
120. What is the worst trend of the present time? Those
VERY low low rise pants.
121. Beer or wine? Ick!
122. Summer or winter? Autumn.
123. You cant sleep. What do you do? Computer or TV.
124. Do you wear jewelry? Five earrings, sometimes a
necklace, sometimes a pin.
125. What is your favourite smell? I love the smell of my
father's place in the summer. The mix of the pond water,
flower gardens, veggie garden and the fresh air.
126. What was the best decade of the past century? The 90s
127. Which is your favourite month of the year?
128. Do you smoke? No!
129. Do you drink? On occasion.
130. What was your favourite subject in school? English
and art.
131. What was your worst subject in school? Math and
132. If you had to give up one of your senses, what would
it be? Touch
133. Do you follow your head, your heart, or your crotch?
My head.
134. Do you truely know who you are? Not at all. I do know
that I'm not who I truely am...
135. Are you superstitious? Occasionally
136. Are you sentimental? Too sentimental.
137. How many times a day do you eat? 3 1/2 on work days.
2ish on days I don't work.
138. Are you more of a main idea or detail type of person?
Depends upon what we're talking about.
139. What is your favourite pie? Chocolate and Lemon
140. Have you ever been close to death? I may have been
several times...
141. Do you like roller coasters? Never been on one.
142. Apples or oranges? Oranges. I love the juice.
143. Are you hyperactive? Not at all.
144. Do you talk in your sleep? I've heard I don't.
145. What is your favourite holiday? Christmas!!
146. Do you go to church? No.
147. At what age do you think you will be married?
Probably never.
148. If you could open up your own business, what would it
be? A preschool
149. What was the name of your first
boyfriend/girlfriend? David Sukforth.
150. What is your weakness? Myself
151. What was the last movie you saw that made you cry?
The Notebook
152. If love were a flavour, which flavour would it be?
It would be an inside-out sour patch kid.
153. If hate were a flavour, which flavour would it be?
A brussel sprout, we've all had one, but never want one
154. Have you ever been prescribed any drugs? Yeah, but
surprisingly, never any anti depressants! I get strep
throat a lot...
155. Is lying sometimes necessary? Oh yes.
156. Bubbleyum or bubblicious? Both provide endless
blowing of bubbles and both provide a huge BURST of yummy
flavor when first popped into the mouth.
157. What is your favourite curse word? Shit
158. Do you have any birthmarks? Too many
159. If you could visit anywhere in the US, where would it
be? Hawaii
160. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would
it be? Australia
161. Who is your favorite relative? My 89 year-old Nanna
and my 17 year-old cousin, Rachel.
162. Do you feel like your physical self matches your
personality? FUCK NO!
163. What was the name of your kindergarten teacher?
Mrs. Almquest
164. Do you wear glasses or contacts? Glasses, I can't
wear contacts.
165. How tall are you? 5'3"
166. How tall would you like to be? 5'6"
167. Your current mood: Curious, anxious, bored.
168. Do you dress up for halloween? I work in a room full
of 6-8 year-olds...this year I dressed up at "Ready for
Bed Girl!"
169. Have you ever been in a car accident? I've gone off
the road, but I've never been in anything involving
another car.
170. What is your favourite lucky charm? My Mom gave me a
four leafed clover on the day of my HS graduation. Five
years later, I still have it.
171. What colour of underwear are you wearing? Black and
172. Do you tend to date people younger or older than you?
Older, I completley believe that men are 2 years behind in
maturity then what their age is.
173. Do your exes look alike? Not at all.
174. Do your exes act alike? No...
175. Have you ever been in love? No.
176. What is your favourite kids movie? Labryinth
177. Have you ever hallucinated? Can't say I have.
178. What do you like most about the opposite sex? How
safe I feel around them.
179. What do you hate most about the opposite sex? How
careless they can be.
180. Have you ever been on a blind date? Twice.
181. Would you want to be cloned? Not at all.
182. Have you ever peed in public? Nah. I peed outside
once when I was a little girl. I got the pee all over my
pants. I never have done it again.
183. Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Pessimistic
184. How did you find out that there was no Santa Claus?
I don't remember.
185. Pancakes or waffles? Pancakes with butter and dipped
in syrup.
186. Are you on a diet? Yeah...no.
187. Why is the grass always greener on the other side?
Because of the angle we're standing at.
188. Do you always want what you cant have? Always
189. Do you act stupid around someone you have a crush on?
I'm either a total bitch or I don't talk at all.
190. Have you ever been arrested? I'm a good girl.
191. Can you cook? Sometimes
192. Do you think its wrong/weird if a girl asks a guy
out? Nope and for those women who have the balls to do it,
you kick!
193. Do you have any allergies? None.
194. Ketchup or catsup? With a K.
195. Do you believe there is a meaning to life? Have you
ever seen Dogma? Well, at the end of that movie the last
syon chick asks God (Alanis Moresette) why we're here. God
squeezes her nose and makes a funny sound. I agree with
196. What do you think about before you fall asleep?
Falling in love.
197.What are your thoughts on the nature of good and evil?
Everytone has a little of both in them. It's just
distibuted diffrently in each person.
198. Step into your cave. There you will find your power
animal. What kind of animal is it? A duck, they can swim,
walk, and fly!
199.What does your power animal say to you? You can do
200. End this survey with a quote: You miss 100% of all
the chances you don't take.