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2005-03-08 21:20:16 (UTC)


It's been raining all day. It makes me so tired when it
rains. The kids seemed so much more needy. Everytime I
turned around it was, "Miss. Pea! Miss. Pea!" BLAH!!! I
just wanted to yell at them. I'm usually so patient with
them. I just wanted to tell them to leave me the FUCK
ALONE and do their work! I did one kid. Well, I didn't say
those exact words, but I did tell Rowan that he's got to
start doing work on his own and he did! I'm happy he did
because that just went and prooved my point! He can do
work on his own. He doesn't need someone holding his hands
all the time. That's one thing I'm going to instill in my
children (if I have children), independance and not
wanting to give up without trying.

My perm didn't come out as I thought it was going to. It
came out a lot better then I thought! It's now pretty much
streight, but there is some very nice body waves in it.
It's what I wanted from the very begining of perming my
hair! It looks very professional and more natural. It's
better than the curly-cue-poof I was sporting before!

Everyone at work is buzzing that tomorrow may be a snow
day due to ice. They're all hoping that it wont be, but
secretly, I do. I love having Wednesdays off. Plus I've
been sleeping so well lately. I would just love to
sleep 'till 12 on an unexpected day off...mmm (day

Perhaps I'll write again later.