If Only....
2005-03-08 19:42:21 (UTC)

I don't know but I've been told...

2:34 PM

Consumption of:
* another serving of Kraft Macaroni and cheese

Feelings:Not that much at all, but still- No more eating
carbs like this.
I am such A MORON. I can't believe I am even like this
now. So concerned with my appearance as if it actually
matters. I know better than this, but at the same time-
the only thing that is motivating me to exercise and eat
right is the fact that I have to fit in a wedding gown in
JUNE. My insecurities are my blanket and yes, I am COLD.
Now for a cigarette in this cold weather. WHAT THE HELL-
THIS IS FLORIDA. Cumulus clouds,84degrees...
And then off to Piss...

Either way, I need a release..

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