If Only....
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2005-03-08 19:29:12 (UTC)

The Willful Suspension of Disbelief..

2:09 PM

CD currently in the Stereo: RATATAT

Great to exercise to, relax to, drive to, SMOKE TO:)
Shit, probably even great to FUCK to, but I can't get
Tyler to listen to anything else other than his music
selections. It is okay, I guess, I have adjusted to this
fact. At first, it was kind of like an - OH MY GOD, IT
ALWAYS HAS TO BE YOUR WAY- thing, but over time and
conversation...I have learned to let it be. I enjoy all
sorts of music-not just Indie. I guess that is the
advantage I have for being the assistant manager of 3
music companies back in Texas. But I do have to admit, a
part of me kept thinking that he is so close-minded to the
mere idea of listening to one of "my" bands that it
offended me. Those are my roots, man. That is the music
that was around in my life way before your ass walked in
the door, so simple fact is: If I would have been more
persistant and less understanding, we WOULD be listening
to the majority of "my" music selections most of every
damn day. But his rationalization for this is: Ummm.. If
you like what I like to listen to then why does it matter?
If you know I can't stand other music and it is hard for
me to listen to it then why do you care so much?
Actually- what I think the deal is is that all of my other
music that I listened to before he came along he
associates it with other guys of my past.
Like Deftones,Mates of State,Ozma,Portishead,Tool,Sean
Lennon,Bjork,etc. remind him of Nic-
Incubus & Nirvana remind him of Chris-
Incubus And Mars Volta remind him of Brandon.
Now, what is funny is that when I listen to these bands
RARELY ever do I lock into a memory of one of these guys.
But my music is somthing that is "MINE". And I listen to
it because I enjoy it.
What is funny, is he does like some of my music, but no
matter what-it is still his selection over mine.
ENOUGH ABOUT THIS. I am just bitchin for no reason.
[Now, RATATAT reminds me of Lindsey. That is for sure.]

Anyways, I just got 2 messages from a reader and it was
quite cute.
My "It's all nice on ice,alright.."entry got a response
like- (modest mouse, postal service, And I will stick my
finger down your throught anytime.lets be friends...)kind
of thing- Not worded exactly.
And my "Ganja- a girl's best friend" got a reply of -(you
tricked me.funny.)
They made my day even though this diary I write in now is
But still, it is nice to know I have a reader....

We'll all Float on...

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