Mind of Mayhem
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2005-03-08 19:21:54 (UTC)

Starting my diary

Well how do i start. My name ia Amy, i'm 20 years old and
i lead a normal life (at the moment anyway). I have a
husband, Chris and a daughter, Alexa who is 3.

My life was pretty straight forward till the age of 16.
Had a good childhood with the best parents in the world.
Although my mum and dad divorced when i was about 11, i
didn't feel any different towards them as the fighting and
shouting got too much and they were better apart.
I have 5 brothers, Anthony, Aaron, Stephen, Simon and
Zachary. We are all grown up apart from Zac who is nearly
5. I adore him dearly and being at his birth was an
amazing experience for a 15 year old.

I decided to start writing this diary because i like to
express my feelings, worries and anger, by writing them
down. I'm not much of a talker and writing is a passion. I
keep a personnal diary at home but i felt this diary would
be different because i feel that i'm talking to people,
wothout actually talking (if that makes sense)

I'm going to leave on that note. My life has been pretty
mad since 16 and as day's, weeks and months go by, you'll
find out more. See you soon.

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