steel storm

Stormy times
2005-03-08 18:19:53 (UTC)


My wonderful wife, Carol Ann, roleplays in Gor, a sort of
mystical world of slaves, masters, swordsmen and
assassins. One of the reasons I've started this diary is
to write about my thoughts about what is going on with my
involvement in it. I always thought of role playing as
something more like Dungeons and Dragons, Heroes, and so
on, but so many people get so wrapped up in Gor online, it
is amazing. It is almost as if they live in that world,
and some people apparently live as much of that kind of a
world as they can, which, to me, is sort of weird. What I
do think is interesting about it is the creative spark
that people have in describing what they are doing, very
vivid writing, such that you can really visualize it

Well, I have, what they call,collared a slave online, and
now, because she and my wife are good friend,she is coming
to visit me in a few weeks. Nervous? You bet...I don't
want to disappoint her, I dont' want to make my wife feel
jealous of her attentions, and I don't want to get kicked
out of my own home if I do something stupid by accident!!!!

I am not a dominant person in real life, in fact, I am
actually quite laid back and downright lazy at times. I
am terrible around the house. I would really be lost
without Carol to take care of me, and moreso with her love.

Some guys would think...WOW...get it on with both of them,
you have a wife that would let you be with another woman???
Go for it!!! I don't think so. I love my wife, and I
would do anything for her, including take a bullet to
spare her life. I can count the fingers on one hand for
the number of people I can claim to feel that way about-my
Wife,My Mother, My father, and My former Commander.
Remember, I said fingers, not thumbs.

Would it be cool to be in bed with Carol Ann and Rose, the
friend coming over? Erotically? Yes, I can say I've
thought about it. Awkward? HELL YESS!! Would I probably
feel guilty as hell afterwards? Quite certainly. How
about during? Probably at first... I really don't know
what is expected of me. Carol Ann can be quite the
jealous person when she wants to be, so I don't really
know what she would do if something like that were to
happen. Probably just one of those things that should
just stay a fantasy rather than a reality.

I am still looking forward to Rose coming to visit, being
able to meet her. I think it will be everyone having a
great time and getting to know eachother, which is how it
should be when meeting eachother of the first time.

Well, I think that is enough for today.

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