If Only....
2005-03-08 17:40:46 (UTC)

Ganja- A girl's best friend


Mood: Okay
Exercise: YES approximately 45min-1hr
Satisfied: a little- still reps at 30.
Goal: Same as usual- next week by Thursday, I plan to have
my reps up to 50... YOU CAN DO IT!

Consumption of:
* 2 glasses of ice water

And to catch up on last night:
Consumption of:
* 1 glass of cranberry juice
* a few sips of an alcoholoc beverage (bacardi O/ OJ)
* 1 svg.Grilled pineapple shrimp
* 1 svg. Steamed Broccoli and baby carrots w/lemon

I think that was it: I didn't jot down any notes in my
handwritten journal to remind me- so that's that.

Feelings: I am about to prepare myself to clean house. I
am kind of dreading it, but the great thing is TODAY IS
TUESDAY...Pass the doobie to the left hand side:)
Tyler and I are doing great. I felt like I accomplished
more about our wedding just by looking up a whole bunch of
crap on the internet last night. Lindsey will be here
Friday. YEAH BABY!

Reminder: TODAY
~ Call church, find out protocalls to book pastore for
~ Call Tent rental place
~ Look up cheap Sand dollars on line
~ Look up Glass centerpieces on line
~ Find Caterer on line

Well, I will check in a little bit later. I am in the mood
for a cigarette, so I am gonna go.

Hmmm. Nicotine...

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