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2005-03-08 16:06:50 (UTC)

Great Day

My husband and I had a great day yesterday. He had to go to
the doctor after work. I thought that he would come home
and tell me that he's not taking medicine anymore. He
surprised me when he said he was trying another kind. I
really hope this one works for him. He still refuses to go
to a shrink. He says all they'll do is give him medicine. I
think he would be better off to see a shrink for that
anyways. They would probably know better on what to take. I
decided to take a shower soon as I got home. He came home
shortly before I was done. He was on the computer making a
8x10 for a girl at work. One of the ladies in the picture
has cancer. He always does nice things for people. I was
sitting in the recliner and looked over at him and he was
staring at me. I looked at him surprise because I didn't
expect to see him staring at me. He moved his finger for me
to come to him. I sat on his lap and he put his arms around
me. I asked him about the doctor and the picture. Later I
fixed some jello for my daughter and some brownies for my
husband. He came in the kitchen and came right up behind
me. At first he started to tickle me. I told not to do that
but do this. I took his hands and put them on my breast. Of
course he started to enjoy himself, I was too. I made him
stop though because our daughter was home. He seemed in a
good mood. I asked him later if anything has changed in his
condition. He says he don't know. God I hope he gets better
and I hope our marriage makes it. I did something bad
today. I went to hotmail and tried to find this susie on
there. I'm so tempted to email her and tell her a few
things but I'm going to hold off for know. I figure when I
ask him again if he or she has made contact with each other
and if he says yes then I might email her. She needs to
learn her bounderies. I know it will make him mad but I'm
not going to put up with this bitch meddling with my
husband. I think I will let him know that I'm not
comfortable with him having anything to do with people from
the game outside of the game. I don't like the idea of him
getting or sending email to other women. Or calling them or
knowing things about them or him that are inappropriate. I
know I'm insecure but he also did the same thing to me. He
always told me that if a man was trying to be my friend
then that meant he was trying to get in my pants. Well he
trying to be friends with women online so is he doing the
same? I guess i need to talk to him about all of this.
Maybe I'll do it today since my daughter wanted to stay at
school alittle while longer. Hopefully he'll be in a good
mood and be willing to talk to me and understand. Lord
please let today be as good as yesterday. Let him
understand me and help me understand him. Thank You so much
for a great day yesterday. Please let us have many more
like that for the rest of our lives. Amen.

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