Miss Thang

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2005-03-08 09:01:36 (UTC)

oh my gawd........how embarrasing......

I got a email from Jason today......OH MY GAWD!!!! He sent
pictures of from when were together and i thought he had
deleted them from his camera..... obvisely not..... How
embarrasing.... oh well i guess i shouldn't have let them
be taken if i didn't want them to be looked at i just hope
that his mum doesn't across them cause then i would never
be able to look at her in the eyes again.... Poor woman she
would have a heart attack if she ever saw them.... they are
pretty x-rated.....lmfao looking back on when they were
taken it was really funny..... we were having fun as young
couples do...... *sighs* i miss him heaps......

i have already planned my next trip down there, i will go
down the weekend after easter weekend........ to catch up
woth him again i will actually book a motel room down
there.... i'll ask if eryn and dustin to come down too if
they want to..... anyways i can't be bothered to type
anymore right now so i'll right later

be good if not be good at it

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