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2005-03-08 05:50:34 (UTC)


"Trust everyone, just don't trust the Devil inside them."
- John Bridger,
"The Italian Job(2003)"

Has anyone out there ever had to fly into the Las
Vegas Airport? I did this weekened. You know, the funniest
thing about that airport is this: you debord the plane,
right, and then you have to step into this little tram
crammed with all the other passengers (who wear too much
cologne,perfum, B. O., etc.) and then ride that tram for a
minute or so before entering the airport itself. Now, right
before you get on the tram, just as you step foot of the
plane, what do you see winking you in the face?Slot machine.
Rows and rows of slot machines, just before you have to get
on the tram. Kinda makes you wondering where the priorites
of Las Vegas are, doesn't it?

Anyway, aside from that really wierd revalation, the
weekend was OK.Went into a casino, won $60 on a slot machine
at the Cannery hotel (not that it was the first time I've
ever gambled or anything,I just won). It was fun. I used
half of that money yesterday to buy some new DVDs (for
research purposes, of course, it's not just about watching
Movies anymore):Pulp Fiction, Italian Job (2003), Van
Helisng and The Usual Suspects. I wanted to get the Kill
Bill series (to go with Pulp Fiction), but Vol. 2 was sold
out by the time I found a Best Buy in Vegas, so I went
instead with Italian Job and Van Helisng becuase they're
kick ass movies.

Do you want a real movie experience? I suggest,
whenever your bored and have nothing to do or if your at
home watching cable and nothing good is on, buy/ rent THE
ITALIAN JOB (2003). You will be entertained because it is
such a KICK ASS movie. The actors and Charlize Theron in the
movie are a superb paring (and Mos Def as Left Ear- that's
bloody priceless). I've shown the movie to 5 people (who are
the kind of people who usually go out and watch movies, I
might add) and they've all said the same thing:the Italian
Job is a kick ass action capor that will keep you hooked.
I'm surprised it didn't get too much of a hype when it first
came out in theaters, it such an amazing movei.

Well, good bye!

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