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2005-03-08 03:54:11 (UTC)

riot riot riot come on lets go!

so i recieved my first feedback from this and it comes
from my lovely friend kal, and i should clarify for the
record that laura did start her journal before me, and kal
and i started ours on the same day. so this entry i will
mention how much kal has meant to me over the course of my
lifetime. Me and kal used to go camping together when we
were we toddlers, we pretty much grew up together. she
was there when i drank moonshine and had to go the
hospital. i dated one of her best friends. i fell in
love with her current roommate, so i have to thank kal for
bringing all these great experience into my life. we've
spent many of nights getting wasted and causing trouble.
and without her i'd be the only loser sitting home on
friday nights. i've seen her all wasted and crazy and
she's seen me all wasted and crazy. during the summer i
knew a good time would be around when ever kal was up for
something. so this entry is dedicated to kal the queen of

so today i worked 10-5 then we had a bartenders meeting.
i officially picked up mon-friday night until i leave so
i'll be working mad hours which is very cool. i love
money in my pocket. other than that i pretty much did
nothing today, i went for my jog in the morning as usual.
the old ladies were out and about, its kind of cool seeing
the same people everyday doing there same things and they
are starting to wave and say hello to me, it only took a
week or so. i'm really looking forward to st. patty's day
i got the night off already and dev. and leanne will be in
town so good times will be had by all. last night i got
word that the rebels glam wagon was recovered and only
select items were taking out of it which makes me very
glad that they were able to get most things back. those
boys deserve some good luck someday and i can't wait for
them to get it. i also talked to my sister today for like
an hour it was an intersting talk, we always tend to have
some weird talks but their always funny.

so with hugs and kisses and bedtime wishes i'm off.
and i'll only give hugs and kisses to one person and only
one person will be lady love no matter what.