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2005-03-08 02:37:38 (UTC)

life hurts and it sucks

ya so life hurts a lot right now like last weekend my
parents got into a huge fight and my mom left and spent the
night at my grandmas house and i was really scared because
i didnt know if she was going to come back and then after
all that and me being so upset i got this wierd feeling
like something was telling me to go reed one of my friends
journal online and when i did that she was naming all these
things about her friends and when i saw my name she didnt
write very nice things about me and that hurt me a lot
because ive been really good friends (or so i thought) with
her for over a year and that just hurt me so bad because i
thought we were still really good friends but what bugs me
the most is that she still acts the same to my face so know
i dont know if she is really my friend or if she is just
putting on an act to my face. so know i really dont know
waht to do and just all the time i am feeling like shit
because i come home and its bad and then i go with my
friends and i dont know if they really are my friends or
not so please if you read this and you have any suggestions
please tell me