My Life as a Bipolar
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2005-03-07 23:54:55 (UTC)

My child is driving me crazy (crazier)

There is a weather front coming in tonight. Tera is
driving me crazy wanting me to stay at mother's. Keep in
mind now this is just across the street. I almost had to
spank her to get her to turn me loose. No tears, just
trying to irritate me.

Papa is doing alot better, walking better. His staples
are clean and dry. I am glad he will be pain free after
this is over and healed up.

I accomplished absolutely nothing today. Did alot of
disabilty research that may come in useful if I ever do
it. I am such a degenerate.

I found 2 other people on the bipolar message board that
are near b'ham. How cool is that. I feel less isolated.