Please Dont Cry
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2005-03-07 22:16:01 (UTC)


Its Monday so Im not in a good mood. I hate mondays, but
acutally today wasnt that bad. So yeah I had my english
presenation today I got a 98%. Im excited. The girl I
worked with for the presenation is such a loser, Im not
trying to be mean, but she sucked. Ha Okay im trying to be
mean, but that's just how I am. Dare sucked, it was so
boring, but i was talkative during it. Spanish we didnt do
anything exciting and in child care we had to work on our
stories and Jen wasnt there so I had to work with Tim and
Dan and Tim worked on it and Dan did nothing. I HATE IT! i
hate that he doesnt have to do anything, but he will do
great, but if I dont do anything I fail. She's sexes I
sware. it makes me wanna punch him and her. Grr, and I
hated it without Jen today because she's the only one I
talk to in that class because shes one of the only ones
who isnt a bitch. Then in history we went to the computer
lab to work on our projects, we got a lot of research
done, almost all of it I think and began highlighting so
Justin and I get a good grade like last time. I like
working with him because we seem to work good together
which is good because I need it to pull up my grade and
he's a good friend. Um, in math I dont remember what we
did, just worked on stuff I guess handed in the POW, and
in study hall Panda and Andrew were harrasing me, Kinda
got annoying, I know they are my friends, but it kinda
gets to me after awhile the first time its funny with
their perveted comments, but like after that it just
annoys me. Ah teenage boys are perverted what am I going
to do? They dont mean no harm so its alright. Friends
should be able to joke around I guess. Then I was talking
to Tara and she told me how Bobby was saying he fucked her
and telling people and it isnt true. That kid is so
pathetic it pissed me off because he shouldnt say that
shit it's so disrespectful. You dont do that shit to a
girl it'a so stupid. It makes him look even more like a
scumbag. I like her, she's really cool and nice. In Bio it
was acutally okay, dreading the double lab tomorrow. I was
talking to Shannon and her dad died this weekend. I hate
how bad stuff always happens to her. She's such a
sweetheart and she doesnt deserve anymore pain she's been
through enough and her bday is saturday. Im going to try
to do something extra special to cheer her up because she
deserves it and shes one of my best friends. I love you
Shannon. Im always going to be here for you. I might see
my baby tonight I hope so. Even if I dont I will talk to
him. He's such a cutie and he means the world to me. Why
do bad things happen to good people?..Ill never know

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