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2005-03-07 20:33:15 (UTC)


A story that i made up while me and rob ate lunch.

One time there was a "guy" named Hankey Pankey. One day
was talking to a friend, thats in the browns, "okie dokie
mr. pokie" while he was somking the tokie. Usually about
every other day he would make a special white sauce, but
since he stopped making it for lent he didn't take it to
the world series, and he threw up yellow waste. So before
that began, he went to the super bowl, and because it was
before lent he made his special sauce. Well since he was
sooo excited, he took it to the superbowl. As happy as he
was to be at the superbowl, he couldn't control throwing
his sauce around. So the special referee had to throw a
white flag so he could clean up the sauce. After the
cleaning, Mr. Hankey Pankie threw up because he was really
really sad that the browns didn't run in the superbowl,
they just sat on their bench and waited for their turn to
go to the superbowl (its sooner than they think).

I dunno what the fuck was wrong with me it seemed funnier
when i said it lol

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