Hollow Years
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2005-03-07 20:30:46 (UTC)


Today i woke up and couldnt breath because of my throat i
then started getttin ready and my legts went and i fell :(
my mum took me to the doctors and he said ive got a bad
virus and give me this yakky stuff to drink that makes my
tongue go numb. i feel a bit better now i've had it though
i still feel a bit weak.
I'm going to school tomorrow i dont want to stay home i
think more then becuase im not kept busy.
I slept till 3:30 today and woke up thiinking everything is
okay then realised it's not.
i do feel a bit better though today it's only at nights
that i start feeling a bit bad. im going to try and go bed
early tonight im all alone because my mummy going edwards
and paul aint here. ill prob steal her bed lol.
i only got my art to do then ive done all my h/w i have to
draw a personal object im gonna get a picture of a broach

Okay so i didnt finish this before so ill finish it now...
im crying :( and i cant stop im on my own everyone has gone
and im just sat here crying :'(. i know its silly but i
cant help it :(.

Song: Snow patrol - spitting games
Mood: crying

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