2005-03-07 20:30:39 (UTC)

march 4-7 2005

hey the carnival was this weekend. wow there was many thing
that had happned. some good, some not so good. well friday
was kind of gay it was a half day at school. i started not
feeling so well. so i went to the doctor and i got
medicine. lol i couldnt go on a rides so i walked around
with my friends. it was ok. then my cousins came!! i was so
happy so we had so much fun. then on saturday i could
finally ride rides. i rode so many rides. but wonce i got
there, the zipper was broken down. i was mad but i got over
it. then i was extreemly bored because all my friends were
at that science olimpiad thing in orlando. so after about
like 5 hours of hanging out with my sister jessica was
finally there! god i was so happy. so then my dads friends
daughter came and i hung out with her for a while. i went
on the seaoray thing and this kid behind me almost puked so
i was like please dont barf on me. and after i got off her
mom came up to me and was like if you have a problem with
my daughter than you need to tell me because she is only
this high and im like w/e sorry. and we just walked away.
so after that we went to the next ride and were like "god
what a bitch" so after we get on, this lady is like im
waiting for you to get off the ride. and she was like i saw
you flick me off and stuff like that and i was like i didnt
i sware. so then she was like you dont know your place
little girl. and i was like what the fuck i didnt fucking
flick you off. and then shes like ill kick your mother
fucking ass. and i was like your 50 bitch back offfff. and
then we just walked away. then we saw her again and she was
like uhhhh and i was like hualling ass lol what a mother
loving bitch. damnit. ok so then sunday came it was good
because we had wrist bands lol so that was gravy. lol then
we all went on rides. aj talked me into going on the ferris
wheel. and just about everything else. lol so that night it
ended at 6 pm so we got to ride like 20 rides. it was good.
after ppl started leaving, ajs like lets go on the sisler
and im like noooo but i somehow did. and i got smushed.
damnnnn. lol it hurt so bad. lol then it was time to leave
and i did. so the carnival was well ok i guess. hey well i
have to go. ttyl outtt NO SCHOOL TODAY. (MONDAY) im out...
xoxo serena
love yaz

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