My Disturbing Thoughts
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2005-03-07 18:45:21 (UTC)

I am starting to feel a lot..

I am starting to feel a lot better
I think our future together will not be so bad
I like the idea of us being a family
And I really believe he loves me
I have never had that before
Even my family was hard to believe they loved me
Today he asked me if we could study the watchtower together
I never thought anyone would ever do that with me
Even a Jehovah's Witness
It really made me feel good that I have someone
Who will want to have a family study with me
If only I had all of my books
I think I could convince him that this is the truth
I believe that if his heart is open
And he was drawn to me for a reason
That he will see in time
That the bible isn't fake
I am hoping that all of this will turn out well
If it does I will be the happiest person alive