Ravi kiran Jahagirdar

A Quest
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2005-03-07 18:34:21 (UTC)

Discovering Greatness

Greatness, a simple word for some people, a way of life for
others. Also, may be one of the most misused words of the
english language.People tend to find or search for
greatness outside themselves.I was one of them.But i also
had a question.What is greatness? In my quest to understand
greatness and why only some people are called great i have
come to realise interesting facts.Facts, which otherwise
were unnoticable.The very first thing i realised on my
quest to understand greatness is that it is an attribute of
some people who have voluntarily or otherwise chosen to put
others before themselves in most of the aspects of daily
life.This definition of greatness seems so obvious.But is
it? If you look through the superficial meaning of the
definition you will realize the un-obviousness of it.Like
many of the things in life this defination holds something
intricate which i have tried to decifer.I do not know how
succesful i have been, may be because i do not want to know.
One thing for sure is that greatness is a rare quality.Or
is it.Second fact that i noticed while discovering
greatness is that it manifests itself in each and every one
of us.But most of us do not realize it.Those who do, are
termed great.So what is greatness.I do not know.The more i
try to search for an answer, the more intriguing the
question gets.May be someday i'll realise what it actually
is.Until then greatness is a mystery to me.What ever is the
consequence one thing is for sure,i will not stop the
search.Even if it takes a lifetime to understand it.

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