Albus Lupusolus
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2005-03-07 18:05:44 (UTC)


well this weekend i finally got to be with my girlfriend
since like the end of last semester. so im in a good mood
from that. but she is kinda sick you know throwing up, not
on purpose. and so we kinda went to a school rock concert
so that was kinda good and bad at the same time, but since
she waas sick all we really did was hold hands, but hey
thats enough for me. i hadnt seen her in like 2 months and
we have been together 3 months. aint that funny? but yea
she is kinda sick and this wdas on saturday and today is
monday. it only makes sense okay. well i have monday off
but she doesnt. i was thinking that maybe we could see
eachother today but once i called well i kinda found out we
wouldnt. well enough of my whining. what is up with her not
telling me the problems she goes through. she only tells me
a few. but then again i cant really say much either. its
wierd how im the sensitive one and im the guy. well atleast
i think im the sensitive one. we dont really talk much of
eachother when we are together. i just realized this on
saturday and it kinda got me off guard. but then again she
is one of those people that you would never guess how they
feel towards a person until she says somthing about them.
but im not too worried about that. i just wonder if the
long distance thing will work. this is a question i have
been meaning to ask her for a while. next we meet ill make
sure to ask this. i wonder what her answer will be. but
what im intrusted in is what her reaction to this will be.

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